Crises are an inevitable part of corporate life. Some industry sectors, going by their very nature, are prone to more frequent crisis. Secret to good crisis management lays in advance surveillance and preparation. The First Partners crisis and issues management consulting team can help you structure your crisis avoidance and response systems so you are always ready to quickly regain control of any situation.

You will find our experienced, senior experts as the most reliable partners in crisis situations. Whether it is a product crisis, lawsuit, regulatory conflict, workplace crisis, financial crisis, activist onslaught, board mistrust or anything else, they know what to say, when to say, how to act, and who to enrol for support during tough situations. We also specialize in extensive crisis training, focused on senior executives and departmental heads.

Services include:

  • Crisis messaging development
  • Crisis media management
  • Third party support enrolment
  • Crisis training
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Issues mapping & monitoring
  • Crisis preparedness process
  • Issues advertising