First Partners consulting team specializes in crafting, enhancing and protecting corporate reputations; whether it is a multinational brand looking at making itself relevant to the local market, a long-standing corporate brand looking at a reinvigoration programme, a brand fighting public scrutiny, or a brand seeking corporate value enhancement, we have answers for every communication need.

A successful corporation needs to balance interests of diverse stakeholders, spanning shareholders, employees, customers, regulators, business partners, civil society, media etc. Communication is the only means for corporate leaders to align a multitude of stakeholders to a common mission. First Partners has the right talent and experience to create bespoke programmes to help you connect with each of these stakeholders with quantifiable business outcomes.

Services include:

  • Corporate reputation management
  • Media & influencer relations
  • Messaging & corporate brand positioning
  • Reputation research & insights
  • Executive equity & thought leadership
  • Media & public speaking coaching
  • Corporate social impact
  • Employee reputation & change management